My father, Mr.Jayakumaran (Kumar), 67 years of age, has been in the business of selling mutton and poultry for the past 31 years at the morning wet market located at Lucky Garden, Bangsar (behind TMC). On Sunday 9th of April between 10am to 10.45am my father was severely beaten up by 5 Indian men at the bus stop next to Bangsar Village resulting in him losing complete sight in his right eye due to severe ruptures to the eye globe and currently in the risk of having his eye removed should there be more complications. He further suffered broken/fractured cheekbones which is now replaced by metal plates. He underwent an 8 hour emergency surgery due to the severity of his injuries.

Prior to the incident, my father was approached by a woman operating a newly opened restaurant at Bangsar (nasi lemak daun pisang / homemade banana leaf food / vege & non vege), next to Sin Lai Ping restaurant, requesting that he sells her chicken for a much lower price than what he pays to his suppliers, which will only cause loss to him. Angered by his refusal, the lady left and came back with her daughter who demanded that he sells for their asking price. When my father asked them to leave the stall, the daughter started provoking my father by throwing meat, a meat hook, weighing scale and everything within her reach at him. She further started physically abusing him by throwing punches and even snatched and threw his mobile phone to the ground when he tried calling for help. My father refused to fight back and told her that he will be going to the police station to report the incident.

On his way to the pondok polis located at Jalan Telawi, unknown to him, about 5 men (some of whom are related to both ladies) followed him and pushed him from the back at the bus stop. Two men removed his shirt and held back his hands while three others started throwing heavy punches to his face.

They stopped the beating upon seeing 5 policemen on motorbikes patrolling the area. My father pointed to the men explaining to the police that they assaulted him and the police did nothing but slow talk to those assaulters and called for an ambulance. No arrest, questioning or anything of that sort had taken place by the police at that point which truly shocked my father who was in so much pain and bleeding profusely from the injuries to his eye.

We managed to lodge a police report the next day and the police is currently tracking down the assaulters who have since gone missing.

It would be of great help if anyone who witnessed this incident could come forward and help the police with their investigation. Additionally, if you have any other information that could assist with the investigation, you can also call, sms or whatsapp my brother at 012 396 3067.

Please share this and help my father obtain justice by having the people involved arrested and punished in accordance to the law. It would be grave injustice to my father and my family if these people are left roaming around scott free and continue operating their restaurant after what they caused to my father and my family.

MEANWHILE, according to the Sun daily:

KUALA LUMPUR – A 67-year-old butcher lost his sight in an eye after he was savagely beaten up allegedly by a group of men for refusing to entertain their demands to sell meat and poultry to a restaurant at below-market prices at Lucky Garden, Bangsar on Sunday.


S. Jayakumaran, a meat trader of 31 years at the Bangsar wet market and a butcher familiar to residents of the township, also suffered multiple injuries as a result of the attack on Sunday morning.

According to his son J. Samy Kumar, a 31-year-old engineer, the beating was so severe that his father’s right eyeball popped out of its socket.

“He was holding the eyeball in his hands before pushing it back into the socket. Doctors say he needs to undergo surgery but he fully lost his sight in his right eye due to the damage.” he told theSun.

According to Samy, his father was approached days earlier by a woman who had opened an Indian banana leaf restaurant in Lucky Garden recently.

He said the woman had asked her father to supply poultry at below-market prices which he refused.

The woman apparently left and returned with her daughter who also made similar demands.

When Jayakumaran stood his ground, the woman’s daughter allegedly picked up several meat pieces, a meat hook, a weighing scale and all within her reach and hurled it at him.

The woman’s daughter had allegedly also thrown punches and then snatched his handphone before throwing it to the ground when the man sought help.

Samy said his father did not retaliate but told them that he would lodge a police report.

As he walked towards the Jalan Telawi police beat base, four men showed up at a bus stop near the Bangsar Village shopping center and started assaulting him.

“My father said they removed his shirt and held his hands while three of them started assaulting him, landing heavy blows on his face. The assault only stopped when a group of five passing policemen arrived at the scene.” he said.

Brickfields police chief ACP Sharul Othman Mansor said police arrested two suspects aged 25 and 26 on Tuesday and today.

“According to one suspect, he admitted that he had gone to see the victim with his wife, mother-in-law and another relative to question him on why he had waved a cleaver and used harsh words on them earlier. When the victim marched to the police station to make a report, the suspect too decided to do so.

“However, a male relative of the suspect showed up on a motorcycle and began assaulting the victim. The suspect claimed only one man attacked the victim while he and the others tried to restrain the attacker. Our investigations are ongoing to determine the truth.” he said.

– Sundaily