‘Indeed, why should he be worried about being extradited to M’sia?’

Gov’t explains why MACC not probing 1MDB

Odin Tajué: Whether there is any investigation by any agency is really moot. Bank Negara put out, to quote just one example of its action, a wanted notice for ex-1MDB executives Jasmine Loo and Casey Tang. They were later taken off Bank Negara’s radar.

The police claimed to have been investigating the 1MDB case, but the attorney-general (AG) has found their reports wanting and returned them again and again for further action.

Of course, as we all also know, the AG has found no wrongdoing having been perpetrated in the ‘fake’ 1MDB scandal. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson unilaterally deleted part or parts of the committee’s report — parts that, we surmise, damned individual or individuals of interest.

The auditor-general’s report, which we gather has shown that some US$7 billion has gone missing and unaccounted for, has been locked out of sight under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). So, does it matter if there is an investigation or there is none?

Which brings us to another matter directly related to this. Very many people have foretold a free stay at the Bamboo River Resort for ‘Ah Moi’ and his mass of blubber as well as his accomplices if the BN loses in the GE14.

The grandson of the ‘keling’ from Kerala has promised a whaling trip lasting 100 days if he and his parties of hopes come into power after the GE14.

My ‘god’ has spoken to me. Zhe (neither a ‘she’ nor a ‘he’) said the presidential suites reserved for Ah Moi and his mass of blubber will remain unoccupied, and the “keling’s” grandson will harpoon no big catch – because the biggest of the whales and sharks will have flown the coop the moment the election results indicate their imminent very hard fall. That’s reality check.

Gaji Buta: “The MACC did not investigate 1MDB directly, but had probed the RM2.6 billion donation Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak received, as well as SRC International,” said Minister in the PM’s Department Paul Low.

So where is the report? Surely this can’t be under OSA, as it is an investigation of an individual, right?

Anonymous 2456321485312809: So, Mr Minister, by your logic, if Bank Negara investigated 1MDB for financial irregularities, there is no longer any need for MACC to investigate them and other individuals involved for corruption, which is something which MACC is duty bound to do?

Also, the PAC did not investigate whether there was corruption involving the individuals in and outside 1MDB. They only investigated 1MDB mainly from the viewpoint of failure of governance.

Wira: Low, how much lower can you go? Why are we depending on other countries to investigate the greatest shame this country has ever faced?

Why are you still associating with the alleged thieves and get hammered by Umno leaders every time you try to say something logical? Is being a minister so important that you have to sacrifice your integrity and honour?

Jaycee: And to think that this man once headed Transparency International. Well, at least we now know that he was a “wolf in sheep clothing” back then.

And we see him what he is today – a person who lacks integrity and he does belong to the pack of wolves he is with now.

Discovery: Low, my advice to you, look into the mirror and ask yourself if you can honestly tell yourself that you have not betrayed the people of Malaysia, your wife, children and grandchildren.

If you cannot, better repent and do what is right. Because if you don’t, when death comes knocking at your door, it will be too late to repent and to seek forgiveness from the Almighty.

New leak shows Jho Low sought safe haven in Cayman Islands, BVI

Anonymous 243647147641472: 1MDB-linked Jho Low has done no wrong in Malaysia. At least that was what was said by lawyer-cum-politician Nazri Abdul Aziz.

So why should he be worried about being extradited to Malaysia? It doesn’t make sense. The super-patriotic DPM had also gone on record to say that Malaysia had not asked for Interpol help to locate Jho Low, the case being “closed”.

So Jho Low, why the need to hide and travel incognito. Malaysia is a safe place for you. Just come back to Malaysia.

Penang, your home state, is being ravaged by flood. It can use your immense billions to help the unfortunate victims, which to date had claimed seven lives.

In the remote likely event that Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) will arrest you, be assured your brother in crime will protect you.

Odysseus: When you are rich and famous, you will find the world is under your feet. When you are on the run, the world seems to be too small to hide.

The long arm of the law will reach you one fine day. Meanwhile, you will live a miserable life not knowing when all the wealth you have will come to a nought when there’s a knock on your door in the middle of the night.

Vijay47: I am surprised that Jho Low’s UK lawyers wrote to the Cayman Islands enquiring about the possible ramifications in Malaysia regarding worldwide attention on their client.

They should have written to me and I would have given the appropriate advice at a fraction of the fees.

First, response to global attention? The answer, my dear Watson, is “nothing, zilch”. Investigations have been on-going for a long while in every nook and corner and the Malaysian authorities have provided absolutely nothing towards that cause.

Of course, this could be due to our AG not having received any of the requests.

Second, complying with an Interpol red notice? That is truly laughable. Red notices in Malaysia carry about as much value as the Japanese banana notes. You don’t believe me? Just ask Zakir Naik.

Spirit of Malaya: When someone enters your house and steals your money, you are expected to lead in its recovery, but in Malaysia the situation is totally the opposite – the landlord is saying that nothing was lost!