Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar has denied the opposition is behind what Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has called a plan to “topple” him.

Last Friday, the Umno vice-president claimed the opposition was planning to ensure his defeat in the Bagan Datoh constituency in the next general election.

“The question is, why has Zahid come up with such a statement?

“What did he mean when he said certain parties wanted to topple and defeat him in the 14th general election?

“For sure (such an alleged plot) is not from the opposition,” Mahfuz said in a statement today.

“Don’t blame the opposition. The one he should blame is the Umno-BN leadership,” the PAS lawmaker added.

Bernama reported Zahid (photo) as saying, “I got to know that they are aiming to defeat BN here (Bagan Datoh) in GE14.

“It can be likened to destroying an organisation, where it has to start from the head, and the fish head they want to defeat is that of the Bagan Datoh MP,” Zahid said at a special meeting with BN leaders in the Bagan Datoh division in Perak last Friday night.

Mahfuz argued that it was natural for the opposition to want to contest in as many seats as possible, including Zahid’s, as part of the electoral process.

“It has already been a tradition when the opposition contests in the elections, we don’t only aim to win just the Bagan Datoh seat, but also (Prime Minister Najib Razak’s) Pekan seat and all 222 parliamentary seats that are being contested.

“Therefore what Zahid probably means in saying “the fish rot starting with the head” is (likely) a political game within Umno that is masterminded by the “big and expensive fish head” that is currently rotting.”
Mahfuz said all this indicates it is possible that Zahid has detected a movement to sabotage him.

He said there are signs of this in cybertrooper attacks that have long been happening, which the Pokok Sena MP mused could have been “hired” to target Zahid.

Taking a swipe at Zahid’s “fish head” analogy, Mahfuz urged the deputy prime minister to clarify what he meant precisely by referring to the rot starting from its head, “so that the people can avoid eating fish that is unhealthy and rotten”.

“If the head is rotten, then we should cut off the head, so that the rot doesn’t creep down the body up to the tail,” he quipped.

– M’kini