My view is that Hishamuddin Hussein Onn gets very bad advice or he is being sabotaged with bad advice.  

Hisham has bungled seriously with his comment that the Malaysian military is ready to head to the Middle East. 

Yesterday after Malay Mail reported on the story they had to pull it down. Here is The Malay Mail’s screen page :

Oops indeed. However, before the Malay Mail took down the story, other news sites had already carried Malay Mail’s report. One of them was Yahoo News Singapore. Oops !! So here it is. 

Malaysian military ready to roll out to Jerusalem, Hisham says
The Malay Mail Online
9 December 2017

Malaysian military ready to roll out to Jerusalem, Hisham says

MAF prepared to head to Middle East if services needed there

following US govt’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Umno VP Hishammuddin Hussein said today.

Trump admin draws widespread condemnation from Muslim world

We are ready for orders from Agong Hishammuddin said

in his winding-up speech at 71st Umno general assembly

My comments :  “IF the Agong orders” ??  Ok so the declaration comes with a ‘subject to”   –  a deft “taichi”  to the Agong.    I think the YDP Agong may be surprised as well. 

This tantamounts to a declaration of war against another country. It is certainly a declaration of hostile intent. And not just any country but Israel.

Most certainly this is grandstanding by Hisham in front of the UMNO General Assembly. It was not a serious threat against Israel.  

Bro, you should not have said such things.

Saudi Arabia will not be happy either. 

Saudi Arabia (where you have sent our troops to “help” Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen) is now a close ally of Israel. 

Israel is training Saudi troops on the Tiran and Sanafir Islands in the Red Sea. 

Saudi airspace is now open to the Israeli airforce. 

Saudi Arabia and Israel have exchanged IFF codes for their fighter aircraft. 

IFF is ‘Identification Friend or Foe’. 

You will also be placing our troops unnecessarily in harm’s way. 

You have already created logistical and planning nightmares for the Armed Forces chiefs.  They will most certainly react to your speech.  You are the Defense Minister.

Our Armed Forces are not equipped or trained to fight a land war or an air war in the Middle East, especially against Israel.   They will be decimated. Plus, where are you going to get the money to pay for such a misadventure.

Just for your information here are some military facts about Israel.

1. Israel declares air superiority in the Middle East for the next 40 years


“The announcement of the operationalization of the [F-35] Adir aircraft comes at a time in which the IAF is operating on a large scale on a number of fronts in a dynamic Middle East,” said IAF commander Brig-Gen. Amikam Norkin. He added that the F-35s will equip Israel to handle “constantly evolving and complex challenges” in the region.

My comments :  After the US Airforce, the Israelis are the second country in the world to fly the latest F35 stealth fighter.  Not only that but the Israelis have already “reengineered and reconstructed” the American F35.

The entire avionics and flight software for the Israeli F35s are designed and Made in Israel. The Israeli F35 has been re-engineered to carry Made in Israel missiles and bombs. They have also renamed the F35. They call it the Adir. The Adir is possibly more advanced and more capable than the American F35. 

2. Jericho 3 ICBMs can hit Hisham’s house within 50 feet of accuracy.

The Israeli Jericho III ICBM is among the top FOUR ICBMs in the world in terms of range – which is 11,500 km or over 7,100 miles.  So they can hit Hisham’s house from Israel.

The range of the Jericho III is substantial, encompassing the entirety of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and most of North America, South America, and North Oceania. 

As such, the Jericho III enables the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to launch a nuclear warhead into almost any location on Earth. At relatively closer-range targets, the reentry velocity is such that the Jericho III is believed to be largely immune to all operational missile defense systems.

The warhead of this missile is estimated to weigh 1 000 kg, and conventional, biological, chemical, and nuclear warheads are believed to exist, though the full range of warhead options are impossible to confirm due to the secretive nature of the IDF missile command.

Unless we have Patriot missiles to protect us, better not mess with the Israelis.

Will they fire a Jericho III at Malaysia?  If we attack them, they might just do it.

It will be a huge show of force to the rest of the Islamic world.

And who will care if Malaysia gets bombed?

You think the Arabs and Saudis will come to our aid?

Or protest on our behalf?



3.  Israeli Navy’s Dolphin class submarines.

  • The Dolphin-class submarine is capable of carrying 16 torpedoes and submarine-launched cruise missles (SLCMs).
  • The cruise missiles have a range of at least 1,500 km (930 mi) 
  • Equipped with a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead containing up to 6 kilograms (13 lb) of plutonium.

The Israelis have the super quiet Dolphin submarines which they have been using in super mysterious ways. There is believed to be a nuclear weapons capable Israeli submarine on permanent patrol – sometimes off the coast of Iran. 

These are diesel electric submarines with “AIP” or air independent propulsion which gives them a submerged endurance of up to 30 days.  

They could sail submerged into the Straits of Melaka if they wanted to.

I really dont think our Armed Forces have the capacity to fend against all this military hardware. 

Not to mention the nasties at the Mossad who are now most likely tailing Hishamuddin.  Lets not get carried away bro. 

At our age, you dont want to start something that you cannot finish.