For many international fans of smartphone manufacturer Apple, their wait for the iPhone X has finally ended after the latest flagship phone from the company was released in selected countries such as United States, Japan, German and Singapore today.

In the US, the phone was launched with hefty prices of US$999 (RM4,201) for the 64GB model and US$1,149 (RM4,832) for the 256GB model.

Meanwhile in Singapore, it will be sold at S$1,648 (RM5,134) for the 64GB model and S$1,888 (RM5,882) for the 256GB model.

The phone is expected to be sold in Malaysia at the end of this year, and Apple Malaysia has announced on its website that the phones will be sold at RM5,149 (64GB) and RM5,899 (256GB).

For Apple fans in Malaysia, the similar pricing with Singapore gave them no reason to wait for the phone’s launch in the country, that some of them decided to travel across the causeway to be the first Malaysians to own an iPhone X.

As with previous iPhone launches, the response was extremely receptive, with a long queue being formed at the front of the Singapore Apple Store. Some, had even queued up for three days just so they can be the first to get their hands on the smartphone.

And as expected, many new owners of the phone shared their excitement on social media by uploading photos of their new phones, along with the atmosphere which showed the massive queue they had to endure with other Apple customers.

Quoting a report by Today Online, hundreds of customers have queued up at the front of the Apple Store in Orchard Road since yesterday, and the number has grown during today’s launch.

Photo: Today OnlinePhoto: Today Online

One of those who queued early was a Malaysian by the name of Harry who came all the way from Johor Bahru.

This Apple fan from Johor Baru says he queued for 3 days to be among the first to get his hands on the new iPhone X 

“I stayed here three days for the iPhone X 256GB in silver and grey. The silver is for my wife, and the grey is for me,” Harry told Today Online.

According to a tweet by The Straits Times, the first two customers that bought their phones when the store opened at 8am were Thai Apple fans Supakorn Rieksiri and Kittiwat Wang.

Supakorn Rieksiri and Kittiwat Wang are the first in line to get their hands on the new . Congrats!

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to say his thanks to all Apple fans for their reception towards the phone’s release.

iPhone X is here! A big thank-you to all our customers in Sydney, and everyone turning out around the world Friday! 👏

– mD