At a press conference in Anwar’s family home in Segambut today, his daughters Nurul Nuha, Nurul Ilham, and Nurul Iman said the surgery could not be deferred any longer after a motor vehicle accident on Sept 22 aggravated his injury.

He will be admitted to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for pre-surgery evaluation tomorrow.

The three sisters said the family has full confidence in the hospital’s medical staff, but urged the government to provide them with three guarantees.

They demanded that the government would not interfere with Anwar’s treatment, and urged that he would be provided full access to the hospital’s rehabilitation facilities.

This is because the facilities available at Sungai Buloh Prison are very limited.

Lastly, they urged the government to allow human rights groups access to Anwar throughout his treatment and rehabilitation.

MEANWHILE, according to The Malay Mail:

Don’t interfere with Anwar’s surgery and treatment, government told

The family of imprisoned PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told the government today not to interfere with his shoulder surgery scheduled Sunday.

In a press conference at their family home in Segambut today, his daughter, Nurul Nuha, demanded that the government allow human rights organisations to monitor the former deputy prime minister during and after his surgery, as well as have unfettered medical access.

“The nature of the surgery requires delicate and proper post-operation care and we have full faith and trust in the capable panel of doctors at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to conduct the operation with the utmost professionalism,” Nurul Nuha said in the press conference broadcast live on Facebook.

“We call for: 1 The Government to guarantee that all required medical treatment is given to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim without any interference.

“2 Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is granted full rehabilitation facilities at the hospital due to the very limited access to proper post-operation care in Penjara Sungai Buloh.

“3 Allow access by human rights organisations to monitor his status throughout the surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation,” she added.

Anwar will be admitted to HKL tomorrow for pre-surgery evaluation and will undergo the surgery on November 12.

Nurul Nuha said the doctors expect his post-surgery recovery period to take around four months and the family will push for his post-surgery treatment to be conducted in the hospital and at the rehabilitation centre in Cheras.

Nurul Nuha, who spoke to the press with two of her sisters, Nurul Hana and Nurul Iman, said that her father first injured his shoulder in a car accident many years ago.

Apparently he has been managing the injury through physiotherapy and medication, but the condition became worse after his accident in September while he was on his way back to Sungai Buloh prison from HKL.

His lawyer, Sivarasa Rasiah, said the accident involved the convoy of cars and vans carrying Anwar and prison officers at a traffic lights junction near Saujana Utama, around 12.30pm.

The prison officers carrying Anwar had to brake sharply to avoid an oncoming vehicle, leading to one of the escort vehicles crashing into it.

Nurul Nuha also said that her father’s imprisonment had caused the injury to deteriorate further as he lacked proper access to physiotherapy facilities in Sungai Buloh prison.

“He is on medication every day, he is on Celebrex. He can’t lift his arm properly; even writing is painful for him. He can’t lift his arm higher than his shoulder. After his imprisonment and the accident, it became worse. He does have physiotherapy but it isn’t enough,” she said.


– M’kini / Malay Mail