Had breakfast with a friend at a mamak restaurant earlier this morning.

As usual, when we talked, there’s a bit of politics came in.

The guy used to be an Umno fella but now had joined the rebels.

He was not exactly happy with me for not joining him and the others in the fight against “Umno Najib”.

“You can’t stay neutral like this. That’s cowardly, ” he said.

“I just don’t want to fight you or our other friends,” I replied.

I also told him that for me politics is not life and death.

It’s just a bit like football to me. You support MU, I support Chelsea. Enjoy the match and that’s about it. I’m not going to die for it or lose friends just because they support a rival team.

In fact, I think I can just drop the nonsense and go away if I get so fed up with the whole thing.

Actually, I did get so fed-up with politics at one point that I almost quit this blog at the end of 2015.

Changed my mind though because I got irritated with some smelly ugly DAP rejects(?) who were bragging that I wanted to quit because they had successfully pressured me to do so.

F*** them lah. Stupid bastards and bitches….

Well, never mind that.

Anyway, my friend, who used to be 10 times more pro-establishment than me insisted that there’s nothing good left in Umno, and therefore it must be destroyed.

“How can you not commit yourself to this cause of saving the country from the corrupt Najib and his equally corrupt people?” he asked me before challenging me to name five people in Umno who can change the perception that the party is totally corrupt.

“There are no more good people in Umno, okay,” he heatedly said before I can even start giving him my answer.

Since he seemed to be quite emotional, I just smiled at him and changed the topic. We talked about the movies instead after that.

Actually, even though I no longer consider myself an Umno supporter because of my neutrality, I can actually name five people in Umno whom I think are good and should be the face of Umno. (Note: The number one and two of the party are not included in the list because they are already the face of Umno and that can’t be changed)

1. Kelantan Umno chief DS Mustapa Mohamed.

Tok Pa is still the same good guy I have known for years.

2. Foreign Minister DS Anifah Aman.

Anifah is arguably the best minister in the current administration

3. Second Finance Minister D Johari Abdul Ghani

Jo is cool, no nonsense, intelligent, hard working and probably the hope of Umno’s future.

4. PNB chairman TS Abdul Wahid Omar

Wahid should be coaxed to do more for Umno so that he can be the party poster boy. I maintain that he should be fielded in his hometown JB to replace TS Shahrir Samad in GE14.

5. All those Wanita members who sincerely work for the party on the ground.

Wanita Umno members are the most valuable asset of the party.

Okay, I can also name five people who should not be the face of Umno because they make it worse for the party.

1. Umno sec-gen Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and working secretary D Ab Rauf Yusoh

Just look at the duo who control the Umno headquarters. Can’t Umno get fresh faces?

2. Wanita chief DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil

I wish Shahrizat had gracefully retire after the NFC issue blew up. BN probably lost hundreds of thousands of votes in GE13 because of it. It doesn’t matter whether she’s guilty or not. What went on inside the NFC was damaging and she should have sacrificed herself for the party at that time. No honour.

3. Umno cyber media boss D Ahmad Maslan

Honestly, Ahmad Maslan is not all bad. He’s still good for orang kampung. Just that his reputation of being a clown has reached a stage where he can’t possibly do his job anymore.

4.  Jasa chief D Ahmad Puad Zarkashi

Always want to talk but most of the time ends up looking stupid. They should put Puad to contest in Batu Pahat again so that I can make fun of him again when he lose the second time.

5. All those Umno Youth members whose behaviour makes people think everyone who joins Umno is looking for contracts and “cari lubang”. No picture here because I don’t want to offend those who are not like that. Yup, there are actually still Umno Youth members who join the party because they really believe in that kerana agama, bangsa dan negara thing.

Okay, that’s about it.

I want to get myself something for lunch.

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