Andy Lau (劉德華) is finally back home! On March 10, Andy announced on his official website that he has been discharged from the hospital and is back at home.

The actor was hospitalized after sustaining a back injury while shooting his commercial in Thailand on January 17. He was flown back to Hong Kong via air ambulance the following morning and stayed at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital for 51 days. He spent 2017’s Lunar New Year in the hospital.

Though Andy no longer needs to be under doctor supervision, it will still take a few months for him to fully recovery from his injuries. It is still not sure if Andy would recover in time for his solo concert at the end of the year.

Andy’s message on his official website, which he posted on March 10, said the following:

“My examination lasted all day yesterday! The result came in last night. I was in my room, peacefully sitting in my wheelchair, quietly listening to my doctor’s explanations, but I couldn’t really hear anything until he said, ‘You can go home’!”

Andy then proceeded to thank his family, his fans, and the media for their concerns. He is thankful for the peace he was given during his stay at the hospital, which gave him ample time and space to rest well.

“Thank you to all my friends and the media,” said Andy. “During this time you’ve allowed me the space and privacy to rest well. I can see and feel the support you’ve give me. I’ve read the comments. I’ve seen every blessing. They are my antidote. Believe me! I will be able to stand up soon! Wah Zai.”