Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has jokingly said that he is afraid of his Malaysian wife Carol Choo. The 56-year-old artiste disclosed this during an early birthday celebration with fans in Hong Kong recently.

Lau said this when one of his guests, Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng Kwan-yu, said he was most afraid of his daughter — five-year-old Hanna. He, however, said that he is actually afraid of his wife and not his little princess.

Lau’s wife and daughter also attended the party, which was the first time Lau had organised a gathering with them since suffering injuries while filming a commercial in Thailand.

> Vic still goes back to Taiwan once a week


Taiwan pop idol Vic Chou makes sure he goes back to Taiwan at least once a week even when he has overseas projects. This is because the 36-year-old member of wildly popular Taiwanese boyband F4 wants to spend more time with his wife — Taiwanese actress-model Reen Yu and their one-year-old daughter. Chou, who has focused on his career in China in recent years, will not agree to take up any job if he is not allowed to go back to meet his family once a week. Chou and Yu married in November in 2015.