SINGAPORE – “It’s going to be only America first!” US President Donald Trump exclaimed at his inauguration speech in January.

Well, the natural follow-up question to that statement would be, who is second? And a bunch of countries including The Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand, have all joined the race to be considered the runner up.

Now Singapore, characteristically undeterred despite going up against much larger rivals in the contest, has thrown its name into the hat.

A satirical video by political website MustShareNews, humorously outlines the reasons why the little red dot ought to be considered number two in the world.

“Number two is NOT The Netherlands, Germany or Ikea (I mean Sweden). Here’s why it should be Singapore second,” MustShareNews wrote in a Facebook post.

The video is narrated by a Trump-like voice, is presented with the 45th president’s usual bluster, and mocks many of Mr Trump’s best-known policies, mannerisms and sayings.

“Dear Mr President, welcome to this introduction video about Singapore. It’s going to be a really, really great video. Believe me, I know all about videos,” begins the narrator.

The video then hilariously references various points of national pride, including the iconic Merlion statues. “Our Merlions, they’re huge. Like your hands are huge,” the narrator says, mocking the oft-parodied size of Mr Trump’s palms.

It claims that Singapore has the “best and fastest language”: Singlish! “It has all the best words. One word (can) has 12 meanings.”

The video also mentions Singapore’s national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. “She is beautiful, attractive, and you can grab her by the stem,” the narrator says, a comedic adaptation of the controversial lewd remarks Mr Trump allegedly made.

There is also reference to Mr Trump’s wall-building proclivity, with the claim that a wall is being built around the now-notorious estate of Yishun. The video even adds: “We are making Sembawang pay for it!”