Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor has always found herself at the centre of speculations, allegations and rumours.

Some from the opposition have even referred to her as the de facto prime minister.

For example, when Rosmah was quoted in a news report yesterday stating that the general election would be held before July next year, PKR Youth leader Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad took a potshot at her.

Kita mesti percaya benda ni… sebab ni ayat PM… eh… isteri PM (We must believe this… because this is the word of the PM…eh…PM’s wife),” he said on Twitter.

Speaking at a forum in Malacca today, the prime minister’s wife addressed another rumour, which is about her contesting in the coming general election.

Rosmah said the rumours even claim that she has identified which constituency to contest in.

Dismissing these claims as false, Rosmah said she is not interested in politics nor would she contest in the election.

“As the prime minister’s wife, I only intend to support my husband Dato Seri Najib. I am not interested in politics,” she was quoted as saying by Sin Chew Daily.

Rosmah also urged the people not to believe the allegations about her on social media, especially if it comes from the opposition.

Apart from this, she advised the wives of BN elected representatives to accompany their husbands when the latter hit the campaign trail for the next election.

She said the wives should not only be interested in following their husbands on trips abroad.

Yesterday, The Malaysian Insight reported Rosmah as stating that Najib had asked her opinion on when the election should be held.

“I see the faces (of Wanita Umno members) prepared to face the election. Don’t ask me when (it will be held) because I don’t know.

“I feel that ‘Yang Amat Berhormat’ (Najib) does not know as well. Then he asked me, ‘When you think we should have (the election). I replied, ‘I don’t knowlah, I don’t know politics,” she added.

– M’kini