Been a week since my last post.

Not been well, but now a bit okay again.

A few interesting things happened but I think others had written quite a lot about them and furthermore, it’s a bit late for me to do so too now.

So, I better write about something else.

Well, I received this from a friend yesterday,

Do note that the figures are comparison between those from the second half of last year and those from the second half of 2012, which was just before the last general election.

It may be worse now.

The figures came with this story by Malaysian Insight

BN in trouble with falling newspaper circulation, says editor

Having read the story, however, I think the headline is wrong and should instead be written like this,

“Newspapers in trouble with falling circulation, can’t help BN much”.

I think Malaysian Insight tried too hard to spin the story.

Whatever it is, if you look at the figures carefully, the newspapers under Media Prima suffered worse than the others.

The Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily is the one least affected by the drop in circulation.

The Star, compared to its direct rival NST of Media Prima, is not doing so horribly bad either.

Some may argue that all this was due to people switching to online news sources.

Sure, but if you look at the ranking of online media, the story is still the same.

For instance, just compare the ranking of Star Online and NST Online. One is there at the top with the others while the other one is not doing so well.

If you asked me, I would have to say that it’s because newspapers of Media Prima were too tied up by what the journalists there themselves described as “wahyu dari atas”.

And most of their bosses have no balls to say no to these “instructions from above” even if they are so stupid that publishing them only further erode their newspapers’ credibility.

Nobody wants to read newspapers with no credibility, okay.

The last time someone tried to do the right thing at Media Prima was when I wrote these,

It didn’t work out and the guy who tried to do that right thing just moved on and now trying his best instead to help people buy affordable houses, which I think is very good of him.

Certain things simply can’t be helped.

Anyway, the Malaysian Insight story quoted KarangKraft executive editorial adviser Abdul Jalil Ali, whom I agree with on this point,


“I’ve said it before to the authorities; you cannot block news in this day and age any more.
“What they should do instead is be clever when explaining and answering to all news.”

But what to do, the people who were given control of these newspapers seemed incapable of being clever.

I don’t think they even tried hard enough.

All they seemed to care about is keeping their well paying job and getting Datukship or something.

I don’t think they even care what happened to the newspapers they work for.

And, let’s not even talk about the loftier goals of journalism, okay.

Well, I have been bitching about this since long ago.

I wrote this on March 5 2014,

Of course nothing happened after I wrote that as mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog.

And the stupidity continues.