EVERYONE knows cucumbers and 50 Shades go together like Valentine’s Day and desperation, which might explain why the widely cultivated fruit was apparently discovered in a Sydney cinema after a screening of the latest film in the franchise.

On its Facebook page, Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace shared a picture of an employee holding the fruit.

“That awkward moment when you find a cucumber in the cinema after a Fifty Shades session,” the page wrote.

Before we get any deeper into this story let’s get a few things straight.

While a picture of a cucumber in an empty cinema makes for a funny picture, we believe the discovery is nothing more than a marketing stunt from the cinema. And it’s not the first time images like this have popped up on social media since the movie opened.

But PR stunt aside, it’s very, very hard not to enjoy the responses the cinema has given to commenters about the discovery.

They were quick to note that the employee was holding the cucumber without any protection — we’re talking gloves here people, come on.

When questioned on their decision to hold the cucumber, the employee said they didn’t realise what it was because the “lights were still down”.

Some things are better left unsaid. Picture: Doane Gregory/Universal Pictures

Some things are better left unsaid. Picture: Doane Gregory/Universal PicturesSource:AP

The employee added they were not overly pleased about picking up the produce.

“When you Google ‘regret’, it’s now the first image that comes up,” the cinema wrote.

Realising the cucumber was yet to pickled, someone suggested the discovery was maybe something less disturbing than first thought. The cinema agreed.

“It’s probably innocent, some old lady making cucumber sandwiches to save money,” the cinema wrote.

“Cucumber sandwiches anyone? On us!”

Thanks Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, this story has been a hell of a ride and an absolute pleasure.