GEORGE TOWN – Penang should have a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT), said AirAsia Berhad chief executive officer Aireen Omar.

“Ideally, we would like to see a dedicated LCCT in Penang, because then we can easily build that connectivity and link it to all the destinations that we have already established.

“The Penang International Airport is becoming quite congested. There are a lot of opportunities to grow and build more connectivity into Penang but unfortunately there is infrastructure constraint,” she told reporters after her speech at the World Tourism Conference 2016 at E&O Hotel Penang yesterday.

She also said that the country’s aviation industry looks promising.

“The Government is now realising that the returns from the aviation industry is far larger than any other industry in the economy.

“The contribution to the economy is 12 times multiplied.

“It is not just about aerospace or aviation industry, but it is also about tourism and all other industries that fit into it as well.

“Aviation industry definitely benefits tourism and tourism is one of the fastest ways to build the current account balance for any country.”

Aireen also said that the group was looking at introducing new routes to Langkawi by next year.

“Next year we will create a hub in Langkawi and place two aircraft there, as we want more international connectivity in Langkawi.

YTL Group of Companies managing director Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, who was among the other speakers at the conference, said that culture is one of the important assets in promoting tourism.

“People will go to a tourism destination as long as the culture and the experience is real.

“We cannot ‘fake’ culture. Either we have it or we don’t have it.

“If we have it, we have to preserve it,” he said.