Why is the president of the dominant Umno political party bent on reminding Malaysians of the party’s “willingness to shed blood”?

As reported, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has penned in his blog in a countdown to Umno’s 71st general assembly that “The success achieved by the Malays and the bumiputeras are due to Umno’s struggle, especially the willingness of all members to shed blood and sweat, and to remain loyal to the party.”

Indeed each time a leader alludes to a “willingness” to shed blood in order to attain success for a particular race and religion, it does send a horrendous chill down the entire nation of people who come from diverse cultures.

Likewise, what would be the most probable outcome if each of the leaders of our nation’s race- and even religion-based political parties screamed that their party will “shed blood” to protect and defend their own race and religion?

Suppose the Hindraf leader proclaimed that Indian Malaysians will shed blood to reclaim their rights?

Suppose the DAP leader penned in The Rocket, their party mouthpiece, that they will “shed blood” to defend the business successes of Chinese Malaysians?

Or what if the leader of PAS assured party members that it will “shed blood” to champion Islam, given its theocratic anchoring?

God forbid. Sanity must prevail.

We are living in dangerous times, as we witness how nations near and far are embroiled in wars against humanity, willing to shed blood to protect their own interests or fight for their threatened survival.

As a leader of a political party and more so as the prime minister of a nation, Najib cannot and should not take to such extreme and dangerous peddling.

Even if his oarsmen turn to his defence, proclaiming that their boss meant it metaphorically, “shedding blood” is a political cry that has no place in a nation that has taken great pains to nurture and protect its fragile multicultural, multi-religious and multiracial population.

In today’s global scenario, inclusivity, bridge building and collaborative partnerships cemented with peace, understanding and acceptance is the way forward for success and existence.

The antiquated approach of being prepared to “shed blood” to ensure political survival cannot be justified no matter how noble the end in mind may be. And Najib would be wiser to be mindful of this eternal truth.

– M’kini