AMBIGA Sreenevasan today brushed aside allegations that she was anti-Pakatan Harapan (PH), calling it a “distraction” at a time when all energy had to be focussed on winning the 14th general election (GE14).

The allegation that she was against the opposition coalition came from PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli, who questioned the activist lawyer’s neutrality as a civil society leader after Ambiga criticised the opposition for its open bickering ahead of the next general election.

“The article on Rafizi Ramli merely underscores the very point I have been making about the infighting in PKR.

“What I did not anticipate was being caught in the middle of it. Nevertheless, as little is achieved by dwelling on this, I do not propose to respond to Rafizi.

“I consider this a distraction at a time when all our energies ought to be focused on winning GE14,” she said in a statement.

Ambiga also said PH should respect views from others to stay true to the essence of democracy in the country which advocates freedom of speech.

“Listening to, and respecting dissenting views is vital to a true democracy.

“Taking into account the views of others and sometimes reviewing decisions made in the interests of the people is a sign of maturity. Behaving as if other stakeholders have no say is not,” she added.

Ambiga also said she appreciated the work done by all opposition MP’s including Rafizi, however, it was worrying to see the coalition feuding out in the open.

“Don’t get me wrong. We appreciate all the work done and challenges faced in the past years by all the opposition’s MPs, including Rafizi.

“But for them to tear each other apart on the eve of elections is not acceptable.

“To see a strategy of three-cornered fights being promoted when it has never worked before, is also worrying.

“To see a lack of work on the ground is of concern. We must have one goal and one goal only,” added Ambiga.

Last week, Ambiga chided PKR on social media after its senior political bureau members made public their disagreement on whether or not to continue electoral negotiations with PAS.

She added voters are not interested in the party’s internal problems and told the party to focus on GE14 instead.

Rafizi was also slammed by Bersih activist Mandeep Singh on Twitter today, who said Rafizi’s statements against Ambiga revealed his inability to accept criticism from others.

Lawyer and activist Syahredzan Johan also disagreed with Rafizi, calling it a “most ridiculous statement”, adding that people should stop making enemies of allies.