With his strong eyebrows and hard jawline, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) often gives off a masculine and macho image. However, Kevin takes a steep turn from his usual roles and portrays a nagging man in the currently airing drama, Destination Nowhere <迷>, which is his last drama at TVB.

The potential breakthrough role was written specifically with him in mind by producer Amy Wong (王心慰). Although many previous TVB actors and actresses have expressed discontent with the company, Kevin reflected on his own experiences fondly. “In the past, TVB was very important to me. Without TVB, there would be no Kevin Cheng. TVB is a place to train actors and gives them many different things to try. It allows the actors to get familiar with the field.”

After leaving TVB, Kevin plans to establish his own production studio. This will allow greater control over the direction of his career and allow Kevin to try new challenges.

Not only has Kevin found success in his career, he is also in a stable relationship with former Miss Hong Kong, Grace Chan (陳凱琳). Due to the large age difference, fans were not keen on their relationship and did not believe it would last. Kevin reflected, “I feel that words of defense are useless, so I will not choose to explain things at inappropriate times. I just need to do what I should do and be natural. People will talk about everything. I am not living my life for them. I just want to live happily. As long as I am not hurting anyone, then it’s okay.”

At 47 years old, Kevin possesses the desire to start a family soon. However, Grace has just kick started her career in the entertainment business. Not wanting Grace to have any regrets, Kevin is supportive of Grace focusing on her career at this point. “I can’t take away her right [to do what she wants to do]. As long as she wants to continue doing it, then I will continue to let her. It’s that simple.”

The 25-year-old actress’ naivety is complemented by Kevin’s experiences in life. Grace has complimented Kevin for being mature on multiple occasions, and shared that he would give her the best advice and encouragement at times of confusion.

Kevin also has words of praises for his girlfriend, whom he finds to have many wonderful qualities. “Grace has an extremely kind heart. She’s very nice, very smart, and very caring towards the feelings of coworkers, friends, and families. Besides, she’s a Cancer, so she has a strong sense of family and gets along well with them.” Kevin said Grace’s thought process and ways of handling things is very mature. He added, “You’ve seen her speak. I think the way she handles the media is better than me. She is truly both beauty and brains.”