A Kedah Umno division leader has been urged to respond to allegations that an organisation which he is linked to received RM5 million in funds originating from SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar said company registration records showed that the division leader and his son was listed as company directors of Yayasan Al-Abrar.

“s director of Yayasan Al-Abrar and division leader should come forward to explain the allegations by (PKR vice-president) Rafizi Ramli.

“Or if the allegations were false or slanderous, I suggest that he file a suit against the Pandan MP,” said Mahfuz.

Malaysiakini is withholding the division leader’s name pending his response to request for comments.

Last Wednesday, Rafizi raised questions about SRC International’s funds in relations to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s personal bank accounts, based on a documents dump on an anonymous blog.

The documents allegedly contained investigator’s documents on SRC International’s money trail and a list of individual and organisational recipients.

The authorities have yet to confirm or deny the veracity of the documents dump, which appeared on The Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission has restricted access to the website.

Among others, Rafizi had named Yayasan Al-Abrar as having allegedly received RM5 million to organise a “Malaysia Berselawat” programme on Dec 7, 2013.

Mahfuz, as such, also urged the Kedah Umno leader to come clean on the exact cost to carry out the programme and whether the funds were also used for other purposes.

Last week, Yayasan Al-Abrar chairperson Syed Mehdar Syed Abdullah reportedly said he was “unsure” whether there were any truths in Rafizi’s allegations.

However, he also claimed that the foundation had raised its own funds for the programme, including from friends in Umno.

SRC International was incorporated in 2011 as a subsidiary of 1MDB, during which it loaned RM4 billion from Retirement Fund Incorporated (Kwap).

The company was supposed to invest in the energy sector abroad. Barely a year later, it was taken over by the Finance Ministry.

There are doubts on whether SRC International can meet payment obligations to Kwap, since the company’s funds are frozen in Singapore.