Fifty-one-year-old Aaron Kwok (郭富城) is finally settling down. Applying for marriage registration in early March, Aaron will wed his girlfriend, Moka Fang (方媛), who is reportedly two months pregnant. The couple will reportedly be hosting a wedding banquet in Hong Kong in April. Aaron also gifted Moka with a luxury property worth $30 million HKD as a wedding gift.

Currently filming in Mainland China, Aaron is trying to complete projects as soon as possible in order to rush back to Hong Kong to prepare for the celebration.

Contrary to his usual low-profile tendencies, Aaron agreed to host the wedding banquet in Hong Kong to appease Moka, who reportedly refused to register for marriage overseas because she wanted to obtain residential rights in Hong Kong.  Aaron’s long-time manager was contacted in regards to the news, but refused to comment on the matter. Instead, she urged the media to respect the couple’s wishes to keep things low-profile and not report on false rumors.

Since publicly acknowledging his relationship with the 29-year-old model in 2015, it was evident that Aaron treated Moka differently in comparison to his previous girlfriends. Not only was he generous about acknowledging his relationship status, but he also did not deny the possibility of marriage plans.

In February, reports surfaced that Moka was pregnant and Aaron was spotted on several occasions accompanying her on medical visits. This quickly led to speculations that Aaron and Moka would have a flash marriage. Last week, Aaron confirmed that they are indeed planning their wedding.

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