Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim press conference.

‘Husni’s ‘anak buah’ claim makes us fear for the dark future ahead.’

File police report on ‘Anwar sodomised anak buah’ claim, ex-minister dared

Proarte: Please spare us from Sodomy III. Now it is Anak Buah’s turn to complain about PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

It seems now, no sooner than Anwar is released from jail, he would be back in the slammer again for allegedly sodomising Anak Buah.

Mushiro: Former second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said he left his position because of his Islamic values, as he did not agree with the 1MDB fiasco. It is obvious now that Husni has been neutralised and he is going against whatever values he had.

Being a minister and portraying himself to be Islamic, he should make a police report if he claims his “anak buah” had been sodomised. This would ensure that the culprit is punished. Why hide behind parliamentary immunity?

Aktan: Now the Umno rural Malays will be even more confused. Before Sodomy II ends, another Part III is in the making.

The police’s hands are full with sex, and more sex issues to resolve. Well that’s a great excuse for not pursuing the 1MDB epic.

Jaycee: Instead of going after the thieves who stole the rakyat’s money, this BN former minister has sex on his mind. What a perverted bunch.

Anakraja: Umno leaders are forever drowning in the topic of sex. What has religion taught them, or are they always in a fantasy world? If these Umno clowns are so obsessed with sex, what are they doing in Parliament to come out with such unjustified statements?

If Husni can come up with these ugly words, what type of family is he rearing and what example is he setting for his children?

RR: Oh dear, we have really elected some madcaps to run our country. Our Parliament’s topics today are sex, race and religion. Shame on you fellows.

Fair Play: The 14th general election (GE14) will not only be the dirtiest election ever, but also the most frightening for Umno’s top honchos.

When Anwar packs his bags and leaves Hotel Sungai Buloh, they are likely to check him back in for an even longer holiday there.

Anonymous 2443871479002035: What has been alleged is only the beginning. There will be more to come. The idea is to feed the gullible kampung folk with these spicy stories so that they will be turned off Pakatan Harapan.

I wonder when Harapan will start their more legitimate campaign against the sexual escapades and adventures of their shameless and “gatal” opponents.

Clever Voter: Once again sex has come into the picture. The propaganda machine is working overtime, sadly for BN. Despite its deep resources and renewed sense of confidence, BN has left no stone unturned.

It is likely that threats, intimidation and even violence will escalate. A good strategy is to remain passive and unprovoked. Give no reason for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to impose law and order.

But it’s inevitable sex will re-emerge. If this is the best BN can do, then we fear for the dark future ahead of us.

Anonymous_40bb: The one and two-dimensional thinking folks will always be freaked out by such news. Might as well join them if you can’t beat them. Otherwise, just go to the ballot. Otherwise, they will surely beat us 3D thinkers.

Anonymous One: The plot was to take out Anwar and make the opposition headless going into GE14. However, the unexpected happened when former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad decided to lead the opposition.

Umno is now drowning, and will do anything to keep afloat.

Selangor gov’t denies giving out free condoms

Interested Bystander: The state giving out free condoms seems like a good idea to me.

Anonymous 2378021445509845: Even it was true, what’s wrong with giving away free condoms to the people? Safe sex is a priority, especially when society is full of hypocrites.

Anonymous_1371525430: I don’t see why giving away condoms to promote safe sex is bad publicity for the ruling government. These people must be dreaming to think that everyone will stop having sex if they don’t have condoms.

The Analyser: Giving out free condoms is a good deal more visionary and people-friendly than subsidising funerals. The fact that such a sensible service is regarded as some form of criticism shows just how sick Malaysian society has become.

That Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali sees it as slander is truly appalling, and shows a total misunderstanding of 21st-century issues.

Salleh: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

Panda Maniam: But a Muslim is the mayor of London and a Lebanese Muslim woman is the Education Minister in France. Who is less travelled?

Homesick: This is an outright lie. I don’t know about France, but in the UK, the government and most British people bend over backward to accommodate the Muslim community.

Unless one lives in the UK, one would not know how tolerant the British are towards the ethnic minorities from different religions, races and cultures.

Clever Voter: Salleh’s sweeping statement on racism in Europe is untrue.

European anti-racism laws give minorities a legal recourse to address matters, and act as an effective protective measure. The social system has also been taken advantage of, where the state ends up paying millions for many minorities who are in low-paying jobs and unemployed.

Seems to me, it’s more like artificial grass. So, which is worse?