“And did I not tell you that Ms. Rewcastle fabricated email transcripts, shopping receipts, banking documents, money trails and what have you, none of which were authentic, none of which would hold in the court of law? If indeed those documents were genuine, where are they now?”

There is an old saying – “one does not change horses midstream.” But in the case of Clare Rewcastle Brown, she is changing horses in a raging torrent. It is getting clearer and clearer that the Chief Editor of Sarawak Report lacks the “smoking gun evidences” she claimed to possess against Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, evidence she told Malaysians “would hold in any court of law, anywhere in the world.”

I was just told that Ms. Rewcastle sacked lawyers handling her defense against PAS President Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who triggered a defamation suit against her at a London Court. My sources in the US seem to think that she appointed new lawyers because her previous counsel feared the worst and wanted her to remit a fee of £100,000 or RM550,000, upfront.

To recap, and in a nutshell, Hadi’s suit pertains an allegation by the Sarawak Report Chief Editor that Najib bribed him with RM90 million to solicit political favours. The PAS president reciprocated by asking his United Kingdom (UK) based lawyers to send Ms. Rewcastle a letter demanding that she apologised for the false allegation. But the apology never came.

It didn’t, because the extremely recalcitrant and preponderant Ms. Rewcastle simply ignored the three letters Hadi’s lawyer sent to her. She had the cheek to tell the London court – probably infuriating the residing judge – that she received dozens of such letters, none of which ended in court battles. According to her, that was the reason why she ignored Hadi’s letter.

Amazing, huh?

So arrogant and cocksure is this lady, she dared tell the court that Hadi was not the first to send her legal letters. Now, isn’t that just like telling a court, “I’m a habitual delinquent, who makes a living out of pissing people off?” Is a lawyer not an officer of the court, and isn’t telling the court you ignore letters from lawyers tantamount to contempt against judiciary? It seems that this Rewcastle lady is quite the nutcase I suspected her to be.

I mean, does this not go a long way to show what an egotistical retard of a con-woman this British journalist is? Every time she opens her foul mouth, she just digs the rabbit hole deeper and deeper. As a matter of fact, she got a glimpse of just how deep the rabbit hole can get during a Case Management hearing on the 2nd of August 2017.

On that day, she asked the judge to fix £800,000 (about RM4.5 million) as the security Hadi needed to deposit with the court. The PAS president, on the other hand, offered to pay just £14,350 (about RM78,000), arguing that the sum was “sufficient and uncontroversial.” Not only did the court accept Hadi’s offer, it ruled that Ms. Rewcastle herself needed to pay costs worth 15,000 pounds (about RM85,000) immediately and the balance upon assessment of the total cost.

The full costs for Hadi’s lawyers is likely to be worth no less than £700,000 million, or more than RM3.8 million. (SEE THE COURT ORDER BELOW). Given that Ms. Rewcastle already remitted 15,000 pounds, she would likely owe Hadi’s lawyers a whopping £685,000 in the event she loses the case. Question is, where will she get the money from?



Isn’t it high time she put aside RM9-10 million to prepare herself for a defeat, which is getting to seem more the probability than it is a possibility? Other than having to pay Hadi about RM4 million, she would need to fork out some dough to pay her lawyers, dough she herself estimated would be worth another RM4-5 million.

Yes, the rabbit hole is very deep indeed.

Ms. Rewcastle has until 4.00 pm the 30th August 2017 to file her defence, which is just a week from now. The onus is now for her to prove that Najib did in fact bribe Hadi with RM90 million. Question is, does she have witnesses? Did Najib or Hadi confess or confide in her about the bribe? Is she now going to pull out her classic money-trail charts, banking slips, shopping receipts and what have you to prove she’s telling the truth?

Maybe this is one rabbit hole Ms. Rewcastle will never get out of. As a matter of fact, it’s beginning to sound more and more like a rabbit hole filled with quicksand. The more she squirms, the deeper she goes. But how deep she actually goes is the least of my concerns.

My bigger concern is this – will Dr. Mahathir Mohamad be willing to pay the RM9-10 million the London case is likely to cost her? Was it not he who paid her millions to wage smear campaigns against Najib and 1MDB in the first place? Is it not ironical, that the man who wanted Najib ousted is himself in quicksand over the RM31.5 billion he helped loot from Bank Negara during his tenure as Prime Minister?

And did I not tell you that Ms. Rewcastle fabricated email transcripts, shopping receipts, banking documents, money trails and what have you, none of which were authentic, none of which would hold in the court of law? If indeed those documents were genuine, where are they now?


– https://www.thethirdforce.net