SINGAPORE – A man has been arrested for having sex on the pavement along Claymore Drive, outside Orchard Towers. Singapore police said the 30-year-old suspect was apprehended on Wednesday.

Officers from Tanglin Police Division established the identity of the man through follow-up investigations and by using CCTV footage. However, they have yet to establish the identity of the woman.

The suspect faces a jail term of up to three months, a fine, or both if found guilty of committing an obscene act in public.

Videos of the couple having sex have been circulating online, the Singapore Straits Times reported today. In one such video, some passers-by could be heard egging the couple on, it said.

There were witnesses but the couple was oblivious to their presence. This is not the first reported case of sex in public in Singapore.

In a different case, a couple was caught on camera having sex outside a kindergarten in Singapore just after midnight on March 15.

The act was witnessed by a taxi driver identified only as Zai, who was scolded by the woman when he told them off.

“I drove past a lane in Nathan Road and surprisingly, saw a couple having sex by the side of the road, opposite Fraser Suites,” Zai was quoted by a Singapore portal as saying.

“The woman was naked and the guy was caressing her. Moments later, the lady performed a sex act on him openly in public.

“Honestly, it went on for like 45 minutes, throughout the whole time while I was waiting for my passenger.

“The couple ignored passers-by who took photos of them. When I asked them what they were doing, the woman told me to ‘f**k off’. What a life, yeah?”

Witnesses who capture videos and photos uploaded them on the social media.

– Sundaily