Antara kelompok yang turut aktif menyerang Tun Mahathir Mohamad dan Bersatu sejak kebelakangan ini ialah beberapa bekas pemimpinnya yang sudah keluar meninggalkan parti itu. Ada saja isu, maka adalah juga mereka ini mengeluarkan kenyataan yang bertujuan mengeruhkan lagi keadaan. Selalunya Bersatu, Tun Mahathir dan [...]


I say Rosie, please tell the Batu Caves Temple to close on Jan 31st. Its very, very bad luck for you ! Very bad chi chi.  ‘chi chi’  is plural of chi energy (my son’s terminology when he was much younger) On January 31st 2018, there will be an eclipse of the moon (?? because the earth will come [...]


Out with the Fire Rooster and in with the Earth Dog. How a year has passed so quickly and we are now getting ready to celebrate another Chinese New Year (CNY) on Feb 16. And like any CNY celebration, the young ones can’t wait to receive ‘angpows’ or red packets, while others ponder what the year will bring in [...]