Anak Najib Razak, Nazifuddin Najib hari ini tampil menasihatkan Tun Mahathir Mohamad agar kembali ke haluan yang dietapkan oleh datuknya, Allahyarham Tun Razak iaitu mempertahankan UMNO dan bukan menghancurkannya. Kata beliau, Tun Razak membawa kembali Tun Mahathir menyertai UMNO setelah dipecat oleh Tunku Abdul [...]


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook doesn’t like Donald Trump. It’s not hard to understand why Mr. Cook (a liberalist) and Mr. Trump (a nationalist)don’t see eye to eye – until now. The Apple chief had previously blamed the U.S. president as a white supremacist and a racist who promotes “hate and bigotry” in the [...]


Aged 64, Eric Tsang is an actor, director and popular emcee known for his bawdy persona. It doesn’t need a feng-shui master to predict that 2018 will be a terrible year for the well-known Cantonese comedian from Hong Kong. From mainland China to the United States, the A-list Asian actor attracts the attention for [...]