Selain mahu parti-parti pembangkang lain tidak meletakkan calon di 80 kerusi Parlimen yang akan ditandinginya dalam pilihanraya akan datang, Pas juga mula menunjukkan keghairahan untuk berkuasa di beberapa negeri. Semalam, Pas turut mengumumkan kesediaan untuk memerintah Pahang dengan mengumumkan akan bertanding 10 [...]


GEORGE TOWN – Many are crying foul after a company offering a high yield investment scheme promising high returns did not live up to its promise. One of them was Justin Tay who said they were promised returns of up to 40% a month. He said he started investing about a year ago and was confident as the company was [...]


Georgia officials have granted a couple’s request to issue a birth certificate giving their toddler daughter the surname “Allah” after earlier refusing to do so because neither parent has that name, civil liberties advocates said on Thursday. The American Civil Liberties Union, which brought a [...]