Malaysia Hari Ini di PWTC “Jamuan makan malam UMNO hambar. Meja bnyk kosong. Perwakilan yg dtg lepas makan tak sampai 10 minit blah balik. Najib fed up bengang. Bnyk yg tak dtg mkn. Pasal tau duit haram. Ramai perwakilan bengang dan marah ucapan najib, zahid n sayap2 semua mengundag perpecahan, menyerang [...]


PETALING JAYA: Bank Negara announced several measures to increase the demand for the ringgit and reduce its volatility against the US dollar. Among the measures are that exporters are to convert 75% of their proceeds into ringgit effective Monday. At the moment, exporters are required to bring back their proceeds into [...]


A man in England allegedly raped his pregnant girlfriend on their own bed as she was going into the advanced stages of labour. News reports on Wednesday (Nov 23) said that the woman began to feel contractions at around 11.30pm in their East Yorkshire house. The identities of the couple have been withheld for legal [...]