Tired of being condemned of his dark skin features, Amirul Rizwan Musa, 21, beauty entrepreneur from Ketereh, Kelantan underwent two plastic surgeries so he could run away from his old pimple-scared face and build a new life.

Amirul or popularly known as Miyyo Rizone on social media, became an overnight media sensation when his photos went viral showing his before and after-surgery look which changed his appearance a total 360 degree to resemble the character Squall Leonhart of the popular anime, Final Fantasy.

Miyyo before the surgery (L) and after (R) -Facebook/Miyyo RizOne

Miyyo before the surgery (L) and after (R) -Facebook/Miyyo RizOne

According to media reports, he had reportedly spend about RM 180, 000 on both surgeries. Miyyo had his first surgery in 2014 when he was 17 after he has finished school. The surgery was done abroad.

“After I contracted chicken pox when I was 16, my skin condition deteriorated and my self-esteem took a plunge.

“I was obsessed with anime characters and I felt ashamed that I looked the way I did back then so I decided to undergo plastic surgery to boost my confidence,” he said.

Final Fantasy's Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy’s Squall Leonhart

Last year, he went for a second surgery for a ‘final touch-up’ to remove extra layers on his nose and chin.

Going to such great lengths to look pretty and resemble an anime cartoon character has made Miyyo a target of public ridiicule as the 21-year-old beauty entrepreneur reveals he was badly condemned and scrutinized since his cosmetic surgery story went viral..

“People have come up to me in public and insulted me in my face. I have received this kind of backlash both online and in the streets, in Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur,” Miyyo told Harian Metro.

Acknowledging it’s better for him to ignore all of the nasty comments, he admitted that the public backlash he had to face just to get on with his life is at times almost unbearable.

Miyyo, sadly told New Straits Time, the backlash he has received almost cost him his business, MR Beauty Line Sdn Bhd. For someone who sells beauty skiin care products, Miyyo was labelled as hypocritical for going to the extent of going under the knife to change his appearance.

Tired and stressed out from the agony, he pleaded to public to stop scrutinizing his actions.

“I HAVE had enough. Please stop condemning me.

“Please try to understand my situation and stop dehumanising and cursing me. It is very stressful,” Miyyo has made the public plea following the media circus that has turned his life upside down.

Being the youngest out of 8 siblings, he revealed that he not only had to stand the backlashing from the public, but also from his family members.

However, he remained grateful as both of the parents understood his decision of going through with the operation.

“Some of my family members had criticised me, including my siblings, but my parents have accepted me as I am regardless of what I have done to my face.”

When asked whether is he going to do another surgery on the future when he gets tired of looking like this, Miyyo stated that he is satisfied with his current face at the moment.

“I am happy with how I look now.” he said to mStar.

The reaction he received went beyond his expectations, but he strives to remain professional and turn the negative publicity around to allow him to promote his business to a higher level.

-Malaysian Digest