The Tarot card for 2017 is the Wheel of Fortune, which is symbolic of the Wheel of Change. There are several interpretations to this card.

“This year is all about change,” says Jessie Lee, tarot card reader and founder of Soleil Trinity Resources, a Kuala Lumpur-based Chinese metaphysics consultancy.

“As the wheel is turning and gathering momentum, it creates a whirlwind of change. Expect a lot of changes, whether it is involving an individual or a company,” says Lee, adding that the qi (Mandarin for energy) of the new year had arrived last October.

The illustration of the card shows Anubis, the symbol of the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, and the Snake, which symbolises temptation, comfort and laziness.

In the card, Anubis appears to be moving upwards, while the Snake is heading downwards This can be interpreted as: “In a vicious cycle, the rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer”.

A good or bad year?

Another interpretation is that the card foretells “the learning of new things and improvements”.

But is this for good or bad?

“It will be a good year for those who have a strategy and embrace change. We should not be rigid, afraid or unprepared to change.

“Those who stay in their comfort zone and do not grow will be sidelined, or at least be at a disadvantage,” Lee says.

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Tarot card reader Jessie Lee — MAJORIE CHIEW/The Star

Tarot card reader Jessie Lee. Photo: The Star/Majorie Chiew

Last year’s representative Tarot card, The Hermit, is about reflection and what people want to do in their lives.

However, this year, the emphasis (the Wheel of Fortune card) is on new directions, goals and paths.

The World card is the pairing card of the Wheel card. While the Wheel card indicates the beginning of new directions, goals and paths (with illustrations of creatures at the infancy stage), the World card denotes the end results (creatures who are grown and matured).

It hints at “the ultimate ending – success, fulfilment and enlightenment”.

Lee’s advice is to learn to grow in wisdom, intelligence and spirituality.

The Wheel card also indicates massive movements and aggressiveness. Lee says a person’s decision can elevate him to a higher status or pull him down.

So, 2017 could herald the beginning of something great!

A fluctuating year

Symbolically, the Wheel card also suggests “a fluctuating year”.

Says Lee: “The economy would be picking up and looking better during the second half of the year.”

Many people blame their fate on the current economy. “Let that not be an excuse,” says Lee. “Just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean money is not out there. We can eliminate our fears and take action (to achieve our goals),” she says.

Hope and possibilities

The Magician, which is one of the grouping cards for 2017, indicates creation and innovation. The Sun, yet another card in the same grouping, depicts a child who is happy, positive, confident and fearless.

So, we must put our fears aside, have a positive outlook, and explore. According to Lee, if you have positive beliefs, you will rise up with the Wheel. But if you have negative beliefs, you will be dragged down.

In tough times, Lee urges us to be fearless and take bold steps in the pursuit of success.

She says: “The way forward is to think of new strategies, diversify, and adapt to change.”

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