Kebergantungan negara di bawah pimpinan Najib Razak kepada China nampaknya seperti tidak berpenghujung. Jika sebelum ini tanah Bandar Malaysia, keretapi laju, keretapi pantai timur, projek perumahan, kapal peronda, pelabuhan dan macam-macam lagi diserahkan secara mendadak kepada syarikat-syarikat negara China, kini [...]


In his first news conference since winning the US election in November, Donald Trump pledged to bring industries back to US shores – a move that could prove problematic for the rest of the world. Channel NewsAsia talks to Malaysian business leaders about the economic uncertainty surrounding Trump’s [...]


Attracting over dozens of fans while attending an event for a publisher, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) shared her upcoming plans for the Lunar New Year. With the holiday only two weeks away, families are busily planning festivities for the celebration. Although Grace grew up in Vancouver, she follows the traditions of [...]