Akhirnya Pas basah lenjun kena “kencing” dengan UMNO dan BN apabila Najib Razak sendiri mengumumkan bahawa kerajaan tidak akan mengambil alih pembentangan usul Akta 355 di Parlimen kerana ketiadaan konsensus sesama mereka. Berikutan itu, kata Najib, usul tersebut akan kekal sebagai usul persendirian yang [...]


Najib just need a tad of common sense to feel and realize that he is already a nuisance, an irritant and uninterruptedly becomes the enemy of the people and the land. To all sensible and civil minded Malaysians he is looked upon as a serious nuisance that will ultimately fails the state to an unadulterated scale. He [...]


When a woman discovered her husband had videos of her friends in bathrooms on his mobile phone, she reported him to the police. Kevin Chin Thain Min, 35, was arrested at Changi Airport on March 3 last year, and was yesterday sentenced to 14 days’ short detention order – a community- based sentencing. He [...]